ERH Program


What is Emergency Ride Home (ERH) for Transit?
The CommuteInfo Emergency Ride Home (ERH) service provides reimbursement for eligible transit riders to get home in the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency, personal illness, unscheduled overtime, or other eligible event. In the event of an emergency, the commuter simply arranges for the ride home, pays, and obtains a receipt. Then a refund application and copy of the receipt are submitted to CommuteInfo for processing and reimbursement.

Who’s Eligible?

  • Eligible transit commuters are registered with the CommuteInfo program and have a Freedom Transit 10 or 40 Trip Book of Tickets that is valid on the day that the ERH is needed. Eligibility by Employment Status: Full and Part Time employees, Full and Part Time Students and Volunteers.
  • Eligibility by Trip Purposes: From work to home; from work to hospital/doctor’s office; from work to school or daycare (e.g., pick-up sick child) – with 1 stop allowed. (e.g., from work to doctor’s office to home)


What are the reason to use ERH?

  1. Unscheduled overtime or late meeting (i.e., no advance warning)
  2. Sickness or accident of immediate family member (child, spouse, parent). ERH service cannot be used for working late without a supervisor’s request, weather emergencies, or any type of building closings or evacuations or acts of God. The ERH program is for unexpected emergencies and unexpected overtime only. ERH may not be used for personal errands, previously scheduled appointments, or business-related travel.

How do I register FOR the ERH TRANSIT PILOT?
Each Freedom Transit passenger must complete a Commuter Profile in order to be registered with CommuteInfo. Your Commuter Profile can be completed online using the form below or by visiting or by calling 1-888-819-6110.

What do I do when I need an Emergency Ride Home?
The commuter simply makes arrangements to get themselves home. To qualify for reimbursement, the transit commuter must be pre-registered with CommuteInfo and have a City Transit 10 or 40 Trip Book of Tickets which are valid on the day the ERH is needed. The reason for the ERH must also fall within the program guidelines. The commuter can check the list of suggested resources for help in identifying a provider, but the commuter can also choose a provider not on the list. The commuter then arranges for a ride, pays and gets a receipt.

How do I obtain a refund for my ride?
Within 30 days of the ride, the commuter submits the refund application and receipt to CommuteInfo. The completed application must also include a copy of the receipt of payment for the emergency ride taken and a copy of a valid 10 or 40 trip City Transit ticket. Refund applications can be found by CLICKING HERE, visiting, or requested by calling 1-888-819-6110.

Will I be reimbursed for all ERH cost?
The maximum number of trips that will be reimbursed annually is 4 per registered commuter OR up to a total of $100 worth of trips (annually).

Helpful Hints for Transit Passengers
Remember, it’s too late to learn how CommuteInfo’s ERH program works once an emergency has arisen. Qualified City Transit riders must be registered with CommuteInfo prior to using the ERH program. Familiarize yourself with the acceptable conditions for which you can receive reimbursement for an Emergency Ride Home. It is also recommended that you identify one or several possible ERH providers for your commute in advance, and keep their contact information in a handy place, such as your wallet.

Emergency Ride Home Suggested Provider List This list is provided to you as a resource in case you need to schedule an Emergency Ride Home. You are NOT required to use a vendor on this list; you can use any vendor of your choosing. Just keep in mind that you will need to pay for your ride at the time you take it, get a receipt and submit your refund application within 30 days.

Access Transportation
Available Daily: 8 AM – 5 PM
For those rides starting in Allegheny County and ending within 2 miles outside of Allegheny County (this location can be your final destination or where you meet transit/or another ride). If the ERH trip is made by Access, the commuter will not pay for their trip at the time it is taken. Access will bill CommuteInfo directly for the ride and the commuter will still be required to submit a refund application for the ride. If the ride is not eligible under the ERH guidelines and/or the refund application is not submitted, Access will then bill the commuter directly for the cost of the ride.

Rental Cars
A&A Auto Rental: 412-452-5970
A to Z Auto Rental: 412-882-4888
Avis: 412-261-0540
Budget: 1-800-527-0700
Dollar: 1-800-800-4000
Econo Car: 412-322-5006
Enterprise: 1-800-736-8222
Hertz: 1-800-704-4473
National: 1-888-868-6207
Snappy: 412-621-9148
Thrifty: 1-800-847-4389

Taxi Companies
Checker Cab: 412-381-5600
Classy Cab: 412-322-5080
Cranberry Taxi: 724-776-3050
People’s Cab: 412-441-3200
Yellow Cab: 412-664-5600 or 412-321-8100
J.B. Taxi: 724-658-1444 or 724-266-6666

Carsharing Zipcar
Pittsburgh 412-475-5909 (Membership-based)